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Partners in Care

Partners in Care

A Training Package for Involving Families in Dementia Care Homes

Bob Woods, John Keady, Helen Ross and Clare Wenger

Part of the Bradford Dementia Group Good Practice Guides series

DVD: £30.17 + VAT = £36.20 / $58.50

2008, DVD - standard, 30 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-84310-675-3, BIC 2: JKSG MQCL4
30 minutes

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Following admission to a care home, family and friends may feel uncertain as to how they now 'fit in' to their loved one's life. This training package, comprising a booklet and DVD, is designed to encourage family participation in the care home and develop a constructive partnership between staff in care homes, families and people with dementia.

The DVD and booklet provide material for four separate training sessions for use by mixed groups of relatives and care home staff. Each session explores a different theme: sharing information, sharing the care, developing supportive relationships and making it work. With a clear and flexible layout, group exercises and notes for the facilitator, this training package will enable professionals and relatives to develop positive and fulfilling ways of working together and improve the level of care for those with dementia.

This practical training package complements the book Involving Families in Care Homes: A Relationship-Centred Approach to Dementia Care (Woods, Keady & Seddon) and will be an essential resource for improving relationships between care home professionals, family members and residents with dementia.

Blog posts

Bob Woods on the importance of family involvement in care homes for people with dementia

30 June 2010

"Then came the opportunity to plan a new style of dementia care home, right in the heart of the catchment area, and the positive effects on relatives' guilt and strain were palpable. [Relatives] visited more often and felt considerably more involved. But there were tensions too; relatives were often dissatisfied with staff, and staff felt that relatives were more of a problem than the residents. It became clear that the relationship between staff and relatives needed just as much attention as that between staff and residents."

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